What Molly Machine is About: 

A highly-detailed designed series of T-shirts called “Molly Machine.” It's a fashionable look at America’s drug addiction, and how it can make you into a machine – for better or for worse. 

The first chapter in the Molly Machine book is about ADD Medication and consist of six shirts in corresponding order. 

  • Pages 1-3 are pill designs. From when you get your prescription to when the pill is dissolving in your system ready to take effect. 

  • Pages 3-6 are "On Medication" robot designs. They show the effect the pill has on a person's mind when on adderall. 

I want to invoke the idea that pills and other drugs can either open your mind to the truth or destroy your life in it's tracks. This line is neither for nor against drugs or drug use of any kind.

Modify your mind..